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Pandie the Panda`s Information
Real Name: Dani
Rank: Basic Trancer
Status: Healthy
Join Date: January 11, 2008
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Country: U.S.A
Mood: Pleased
Artist Type: Fantasy Artist
Region: Gust Canyon
Career: Guinea Pig Wrangler
Website: Visit
Login: June 12, 2012 09:24:00 PM Offline
Trances: 45
Literature: 4
Comments: 40
Trancer Comments Received: 8
Forum Posts: 0
Journal Entries: 0
Policy Violations: 0


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I have a strong intrest in sports, music, art, and clothes


Athletic/artistic and musical. I play 7 instraments and if you want to know what they are just ask. I play alot of sports so im not going to list them all either but if you want to know just ask. Im a tomboy and i have more guy friends than girl friends, well thats about it i guess.



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# 531

by Pandie the Panda
Basic Trancer
March 4, 2008 15:35:46


Sorry to all my "The Red Ball" fans im having some tecnical dificulty with my comp. but belive me ill have a 3er chapter!!!!!! i already wrote it, it just wolnt coorapoerate..... sorry for the incovence!!!! lol



# 507

by monstee
Basic Trancer
February 5, 2008 12:55:03


Thank you3<br>

# 499

by Beloved Doll
Administrator Trancer
January 31, 2008 21:07:33


Thanks for the <img src=emote/emoticon_object_005.gif> fav and the comments. <img src=emote/Cat_Face_Emote_by_PrettyKitty.gif><br>


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# 498

by Pandie the Panda
Basic Trancer
January 31, 2008 14:21:12


For all my "The Red Ball" fans chapter 3 is comming soon!!! It has a fight scene! oh joy! <img src=emote/OMGWTFBBQ_by_blackdahlia.gif> &nbsp;lol. So youll get to see strong Clayton in action along with Landon and his amazing dark powers, and maby even Sorina will learn how to air bend. Youll have to read to find out though! It should be comming out some time this week or next week at the latest. <img src=emote/_boogiedown__by_Cojaro.gif> <img src=emote/emoticon_face_001.gif>&nbsp;So be keeping your eye out for it and dont dance to hard you might hurt yourself. lol <img src=emote/_dead_.gif>



# 496

by monstee
Basic Trancer
January 29, 2008 09:50:48


Thank you very much^^<br>

# 493

by Beloved Doll
Administrator Trancer
January 24, 2008 18:22:21


Thanks for the comment and for faving my trance. ^^<br>


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# 487

by Shadey Kitty
Moderator Trancer
January 11, 2008 21:03:50


<img src=emote/emoticon_bullet_006.gif> <font size="4"><span style="font-family Comic Sans MS;">Hi there and welcome ! </span></font><img src=emote/emoticon_bullet_006.gif>


# 486

by Beloved Doll
Administrator Trancer
January 11, 2008 20:49:12


Welcome to Secret Trance!<br><br>Glad you could make it. ^^<br>


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