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Welcome to Secret Trance Sonic the Hedgehog!
Secret Trance Sonic the Hedgehog, aka STStH or ST Sonic, is a free online community to play in Sonic`s world. No program downloading is needed to play. All that is required is a verified account on Secret Trance, which is free, quick and easy to setup, if you don`t already have one. Once your Secret Trance account is setup, you can begin your very own Sonic adventure!

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Please keep in mind at this game is unfinished and is still being worked on a lot. Some bugs may be present on the game and not all features may be available yet. If you come across any bugs or have any ideas for the game, you may use the Secret Trance Suggestion Form to inform us of your ideas and any errors you come across. You may also post in our Secret Trance Sonic the Hedgehog forum of your ideas or any problems you come across. Check the FAQ first before you ask any questions as your answer may already be answered there. Or if you prefer direct contact with the site administrator, drop a PM (through Secret Trance) to Beloved Doll.

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