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Tails Plush Restoration
This project was viewed 691 times.
Page created on April 18, 2010 09:12:56 PM.
Last updated: April 18, 2010 09:39:04 PM.

This is the beginnings of giving my poor old Tails plush a makeover. My only regret is that I didn`t think to get a photo of what he was like well before I even started so you could really see the difference. In a nutshell, this plush of Tails, the first one the US had of him in 1994, which I got back then as a Christmas gift after getting the first Sonic plush, had been through some rough times. Since he`s had to deal with me ever since, he`s accumulated a lot of the looks of a well worn plush.

I was pretty rough with him far as little girls go. Not only was he cuddled and hugged a lot, he was also crammed in a toy limousine (being the driver for Sonic who sat comfortably in the back), crammed in a toy horse carriage (those tails took up a lot of space), he`s gone traveling with me to many places, he`s been chucked at my cousins on numerous occasions, had to put up with many cats (9 at once at the most), had to put up with my male cousins messing with him (I won`t go into details about how little boys are), been attacked by smokers` smoke (a lot of my family smokes but I do not) since day 1 and still is, I believe he was dropped on the ground many times and I think threw up on if I remember correctly. To top it off, he gets buried by my other 100+ plushes and crushed by them for extensive periods of time. Not to mention he gets kicked around a lot, too, because I toss and turn constantly in my sleep. I have woken up to him being across the room on the floor.

Yah, this poor Tails plush has been through a lot. He`s among the top 5 of my plushes that had the most abuse (out of nearly 200 I`ve had). During the day of this article being written up (May 2 2009), I decided I would try and make improvements on him.

The problems he had (and still have) were numerous. The extra fuzzy parts of him were a total mess like a poodle dog that hasn`t seen a brush in 2 years (this includes his tails, his forelock, and cheek fuzzies). He`s dinged all over from the smoke mostly. One of his tails is broken to the point where the pole from the inside has protruded through the tail and sticks out where you could see it. I`m not sure how well I`ll be able to correct the second item, but first off we`ll tackle the first, and the easiest (for me).

Items needed for taming this fox`s fur is just one item I used: a cat comb. It`s not a flea comb; flea combs have their needles really close together, a regular cat comb. This can be acquired at any pet store (I work at one so it was most convenient for me to get one there). It`s the same comb I used to tame my MLP ponies` hair. That`s it, just the comb is needed.

I made the photos big enough for you to see the details. Again, I wish I had gotten the before photo done before I started working. But here you can see the difference between the two tails after I had worked on one tail (and the white tips of both):

Unfortunately for some reason, I`m unable to get more than 2 photos to appear directly on the page so links have to be done.

It`s still difficult to appreciate the difference the work has made without having to of seen the plush for yourself. The tail on the left is the one that was worked on. Compare it to the right tail. You can how curly the tail has gotten from the matting. Pretty much all that was needed to be done was use that cat comb and comb that tail like you were combing your cat or dog (or even yourself!). There isn`t really any real trick to it.

Here you can see that now both tails have been combed out. Compare the two photos together and the difference should be much easier to see. Again, I comb the second tail like the first. However, what was different about this tail is that this is the one where the inner "wire" is coming out so I had to work around that.

Afterwards, I worked on his forelock and cheek fluffs as those, as well as his tails, were all the extra fluffy parts of him.

The first photo shows the cheek fluffs best while the second shows off the forelock best.

Be careful when you comb! Just like when you comb a cat or dog, there will be Tails fur coming loose and getting on not only the comb but on you as well. But unlike a pet, Tails cannot grow the pulled out fur. So don`t yank and pull like you`re in a tug of war. Take it slow, take it easy. Work from the end pieces down towards the base (just like with your own hair if you were working out some nasty knots). This method minimizes the amount of fur that will come out so you won`t have a balding Tails.

The best method of preserving a collectible item is prevention. Prevention is always better than the cure! So how do we keep Tails fit and from suffering the effects of a neglected dog? Put him somewhere that he won`t have his fur messed up. For example, I set mine on the top of my chest:

He shares the apartment with my Kouga plush in a safer place for storage. He displays nicely and would keep him from being squashed and kicked around. Now he can live a better life of less neglect and less abuse and await me to move on to the next step of improving him.

I also want to point out that his eyes were always funky shaped. I don`t know if the factory meant for him to look like that but one eye is more slanted in shape than the other. Nothing can be done to correct that and even so, I don`t want to alter it. Here`s a close up to show the eye difference:

You should keep in mind that when restoring an old plush, it will never be like how it was brand new. You can certainly make it look better than what it had been, but it never be like brand new.

A final note before I end this article for the day, how to get rid of the cat he had accumulated? Very simple. I used a pet hair roller. It`s a sticky pad that rotates as you roll it over your clothes to remove pet hair. There are other types of pet hair removal for furniture, I used the roller as it was what I had right there and it does a good enough job. Just roll it over the plush where you see the hairs. Make sure to change the sheets as a full sheet can`t pick up more hairs. So long as you have pets, you will always battle pet hair on the plushes.

I will update this article when I do more to Tails to improve him.

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