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    Information and Communication

    Legal Information
    Secret Trance

    1. Do not cheat, ever. This includes, but is not limited to, using programs that are automated or execute actions for you, some multibrowsering or multiwindowing, abuse of proxies, abusing glitches to get things you should not be able to, or getting into things that make the site easier for you or give you an unfair advantage over the other players. This is immediately bannable and ALL accounts that you own can be banned under this rule. There are no exceptions. The users that are banned under this will not be unbanned, ever.

    2. If you find an error or problem that can be exploited, PM it to a mod or an admin. Do not post it on the forum as others may abuse it.

    3. Be respectful and polite whenever possible to all others. Keep your name on the site appropriate and keep your profile appropriate overall. Do not put vulgarities, profanities, or anything excessively rude or so on in there. Do not use your profile, username, or anything else to flame or harass others and do not use profane or vulgar language. Please keep this site child friendly.

    4. It is alright to have your link to your website or so on in your profile, but please keep it appropriate and do not post links to anything that kids should not be seeing, anything hateful or vulgar, or anything involving cheats or so on. Secret Trance has a list of banned sites where links to these sites are banned throughout the Secret Trance website, including it`s subsites such as Secret Trance Pokemon. Make sure the links you post are not on this list.

    5. Trading Secret Trance Pokemon items for real-world money are things that are never permitted. This includes account trading, pokemon trading, and so on.

    6. Do not impersonate another user. This includes creating names like theirs, pretending to be them anywhere, offering to trade pokemon out of their account when you don`t own the account (such as in a scam attempt), and so on.

    7. You can have more than one account, just keep them active and use them for something if you do. As the same of the normal Secret Trance multi-account rule, inactive accounts will be removed.

    8. Do not share accounts, it is unfair to others and if you are banned because of your account "partner" we will not have sympathy for you. You probably shouldn`t "give away" accounts either due to the potential for it to cause large problems as far as account disputes/sharing issues/etc. go. We have banned in the past for that so if you want to give away your account, give away your stuff IN the account instead. Keep your password safe and keep it to yourself. Always logout when using a public computer as well. Do not give your password to anyone else for any reason. Moderators and administrators will NEVER ask for your password for any reason, we don`t need it.

    9. The rules of the main Secret Trance site are applied to the Secret Trance Pokemon subsite as well. Be sure to familiarize yourself with those rules as it is the sole responsibility of the user to be informed as to what the rules are. The link to these rules are at the bottom of every Secret Trance page.

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