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    Information and Communication

    Legal Information
    Secret Trance

    This FAQ will provide you with answers to many aspects of ST Pokemon. Be sure to look here for your answers before posting in the forums or PMing anyone as your answer will most likely be here. Everything is broken off into sections to help you find information that you are looking for. Keep in mind that while ST Pokemon is modeled from the official Pokemon games and has a lot of the same items and mechanics, there are many things that are different from the official games.

    + Accounts
    + Getting Started
    + Navigation Help
    + Pokemon Care
    + Pokemon Breeding
    + Advanced Pokemon
    + Gym Battles and the Pokemon League
    + Cell Phone
    + The PokeWalker
    + Other
    + About Secret Trance Pokemon
    + Troubleshooting


    1. If I have a Secret Trance account, can I use that for Secret Trance Pokemon?
      Yes, in fact, you need a Secret Trance account in order to participate in Secret Trance Pokemon. It is possible for you to join Secret Trance for the sole purpose of playing Secret Trance Pokemon.

    2. Can a mod or admin e-mail me my password or change it?
      No, neither action can be done. Always make sure you have your password recorded somewhere for you to retrieve it. If you want to change your password, you must go to Manage Profile under My Pokemon and select Change Password to change your password. If you forget your password, Secret Trance has a password retrieval system where your password will be sent to you upon your request.

    3. Why am I banned and when will I be unbanned?
      You can visit your profile on the main Secret Trance site. On your profile where it says "in a coma", will be a count down of the days you are banned. The reason for the ban can be found on the Policy Violations page. You access this page by clicking on the number of policy violations that is on your profile.

    4. I`m lost. I went to Manage My Profile and I can`t figure out how to get back to Secret Trance Pokemon without going to my bookmarks in my browser.
      This is easily remedied. Once you have done what you wanted to do in Manage Profile, in the navigation bar, look for SubSites. You fill find Secret Trance Pokemon under there. Click on that and you are back with Secret Trance Pokemon!

    5. How do I change my password/update my e-mail address/etc?
      Go to Secret Trance, then click on My Trance and click Manage Profile. Here you can manage, change and update anything to do with your profile. Because your account for Secret Trance Pokemon and Secret Trance are the same account, any changes you make to one account carries over to the other.

    6. Can I change my trainer name?
      Unlike your Secret Trance username, you can change your ST Pokemon trainer name any numerous amount of times that you want. Go to Edit Trainer and select Set Your Trainer Name.

    Getting Started

    1. I just joined. How do I get started?
      To get started,
      Use Cell Phone and talk to Whisper. She will guide you through Pokemon and will have quests available for you. When you complete a quest, you gain a quest level, a new quest becomes available and more areas open up. You also will receive Pokedollars for each quest you complete. When you do the task that Whisper wants you to do, talk to her on the cell phone to bring the quest to an official close. When you`re ready to do the next quest, talk to Whisper. New quests may be added to ST Pokemon now and then so keep an eye on the news to see if any new quests are added.

    2. How do you get experience and money?
      Train. Just like in the real games, training your pokemon is the way to level up and get richer. If you are looking for just money, you can also sell some of your pokemon. Completing quests is another method. Whisper will pay you pokedollars when you complete quests for her.

    3. How do you get more pokemon?
      You catch them in the wild. Lower their HP down to as low as you can without causing them to faint. Then throw a pokeball. If you are successful, you will have a new pokemon. But if not successful, the pokemon will run away and you will loose a pokeball. Some pokemon have higher catch rates than others. The higher the catch rate is, the easier it is to catch them. If the catch rate is too low, you will have to use better balls (such as a GreatBall or UltraBall). Better balls cost more pokedollars, however. To find out what the catch rate of a pokemon is, view the pokemon in the Pokedex once you have acquired one.

    4. What is this evolution thing about?
      Evolving a pokemon means that the pokemon will "upgrade" to a different pokemon (such as Pikachu evoling into Raichu). Evolving a pokemon has some benefits to it, such as higher stats. Sometimes, evolving is the only way to acquire some pokemon that are not found in the wild (such as Flareon). But keep in mind, once a pokemon is evolved, you cannot go back. So make sure that when you are evolving, you are 200% sure that this choice is the one you really want. Some pokemon may not be able to evolve at all. Some pokemon that evolve has just one form to choose from while others may have multiple choices (but you can only choose one!). Experiment with it and see what works for you.

    5. What are PokeDollars?
      PokeDollars are the currency of the pokemon world. You collect and earn PokeDollars and with enough of it, you can buy items from the PokeMarts, buy Attacks for your pokemon and more.

    6. How do you get more PokeDollars?
      The most common way to gain more PokeDollars is through winning battles. You can also sell your pokemon that you have caught, however it is a small amount. You can also earn PokeDollars by completing quests that Whisper assigns you to.

    7. What is a starter pokemon?
      A starter pokemon is a pokemon you begin your adventure with (or your first pokemon). This starter pokemon will enable you to catch other pokemon. It is an invaluable partner, without your starter pokemon, you will not succeed in becoming a pokemon trainer.

    8. What`s a quest level?
      This measures how far along in the game you are. This will determine what locations and features are available to you.

    9. How do I gain quest levels?
      By doing the missions Whisper sends you on. Call her on the cell phone and she will guide you in what you will need to do. Succeed in completing the task and you will gain a quest level.

    10. Are there Pokemon Centres in ST Pokemon that will heal my pokemon whenever I want?
      No, Pokemon Centres are not available in ST Pokemon. So make sure that you battle and spend your PokeDollars wisely!

    11. Why are there several Revives in my inventory/backpack?
      By providing new users with several Revive items, we hope this will help prevent some "lock-ups" for beginners of the game.

    Navigation Help

    1. Ok, I have my Secret Trance account created and verified, now what?
      Now, you can use ST Pokemon! To get things going, you`ll need to Use Your Cell Phone (on the left, under "My Pokemon") and contact Whisper. She will introduce herself to you and will give you directions on where to go form there to get things going. You will be contacting her a lot as doing what she asks will allow you to progress in the game.

    2. I have done the task that Whisper has asked me to do. What`s next?
      Contact Whisper again on the cell phone and she will either tell you the next set of directions or will be wanting to give you a reward for doing what she asked you to do.

    3. I did what Whisper told me to do, but my quest level has not gone up. Why?
      Most likely because you have to contact her again. For many quests, you have to contact her to actually "complete" the mission. She will see that you have done what she asked and will offer up a reward. Take the reward and the mission is done, thus, you gain a new quest level.

    4. I have forgotten what Whisper wanted me to do. What do I do?
      Simple - just call her on the cell phone again and she`ll repeat to you what the mission was.

    5. Where are the cities, towns and routes?
      They are under Locations (which is located under "Explore" in both the top navigation and the left navigation). Click on any link there and you will be taken to the location.

    6. I have gone to a location and I see a large image. What do I do?
      This image is called the image map. You can click various set areas on the image to go to different places. Hover your mouse over different parts of the map. The arrow should change form and you`ll see a little box pop up that gives you a name. This means that spot will take you to the place it is naming off in the box. For example, if it says "PokeMart", clicking there will take you to the PokeMart. If you are on a route, and the box is naming the route you are currently on, that means it is a place where you can look for wild pokemon to battle and capture.

    Pokemon Care

    1. If there are no Pokemon Centres in ST Pokemon, how am I supposed to heal my pokemon?
      By using heal items such as Potion and Revive (if your pokemon has fainted). So, you will have to be extra careful about the choices you make in battles and what you spend your PokeDollars on. Potions are always more important than PokeBalls and Evolution Stones.

    2. How do I use an item on my pokemon?
      To use an item (once you have bought it), go to My Pokemon or click on Your Pokemon Team. Then select your pokemon that you want to use the item on and select Use an Item. Click Next and then choose which item to use. Once the item is used, it will disappear form your inventory. Be sure to keep a good stock on items by buying them. You can`t use an item if you don`t have it!

    3. How do I get more items?
      The basic and easiest way to get items is via the PokeMart. (Be sure you have enough Pokedollars to shop with!) The PokeMart in different cities will have different items available. So you should get to know the different PokeMarts and their inventory.

    4. How do I raise my pokemon`s lost HP?
      You will be using Potion for that. There are different kinds of potions where each different one heals different amounts of HP.

    5. How do I revive a fainted pokemon?
      You will have to use the Revive item that you buy from the Pokemarts.

    6. How do I keep my pokemon from becoming fainted?
      Don`t let it`s HP fall to 0. If the HP is 0, the pokemon will become fainted. Especially in the early levels, check your pokemon`s HP in between battles. If the HP is too low to handle another battle, use a potion to heal your pokemon`s HP.

    7. How does my pokemon learn new attacks?
      You must have enough pokedollars and you can buy attacks from the Attack Shop. There are many places where you can reach the Attack Shop but the soonest available location is through Whisper`s Pokemon Ranch. You will select which pokemon the new attack is for, select which slot the new attack will go in, then select the attack.

    8. How do I level up my pokemon?
      Train, train, train! Nothing else will get your pokemon more experience than participating in battles. Find a wild pokemon to battle. If you win the battle, your pokemon will gain experience points. With enough experience points, your pokemon will level up, thus gaining better stats and becoming stronger and less likely to loose a battle.

    9. Can I name my pokemon?
      Yes! Just go to My Pokemon. Find the pokemon you want to name and click on it, select Nickname from the drop down menu and enter the name you want! You have 30 characters to work with for the name, including spaces.

    10. What`s the highest level a pokemon can be on Secret Trance Pokemon?
      While the real pokemon games put a cap on level 100, Secret Trance Pokemon allow the pokemon to be leveled up to 9999.

    11. How do I breed my Pokemon?
      First, your mission level must be at level 10 or above. Once you have completed mission 10, an option to breed your pokemon will become available on Your Pokemon page. Find the pokemon you want to breed and then select "Breed" from the drop down box. Then on the next page, choose which pokemon you want to breed with. The pokemon that appear on the list have a chance to breed with your chosen pokemon.

    Pokemon Breeding

    1. How do I breed my Pokemon?
      First, your mission level must be at level 10 or above. Once you have completed mission 10, an option to breed your pokemon will become available on Your Pokemon page. Find the pokemon you want to breed and then select "Breed" from the drop down box. Then on the next page, choose which pokemon you want to breed with. The pokemon that appear on the list have a chance to breed with your chosen pokemon.

    2. Which pokemon can breed with who?
      ST Pokemon is less picky than the pokemon of the real games. There are currently two main criteria (this may change later as breeding is in the first stage of it`s life): the two chosen pokemon much be of different genders (ie, you can`t breed two genderless pokemon together), and if the two pokemon are the same species successful breeding is guarenteed (if the pokemon are different species, they can still breed, it just may take a few tries).

    3. Why would I want to breed my pokemon?
      Breeding is the best way to improve the IVs of pokemon. IVs have a big impact on where your pokemon`s stats will be. Catching a perfect IV stat pokemon in the wild is super rare (statistically speaking, there is a 1 in 1073741824 chance of getting a perfect IV pokemon in the wild). Breeding increases your chances of getting higher IV stats. In addition, breeding can also yield you pokemon that you can`t find in the wild.

    4. How long does it take for a pokemon egg to hatch?
      It varies, depending on what species the pokemon will be. The more rare the pokemon is, the longer it takes for the egg to hatch.

    5. Is there any way I can speed up my egg`s hatch time?
      At this time, no.

    6. How will I know when it`s time for the egg to hatch and how do I hatch the egg?
      Compare the two charts of Your Eggs page; Age and Days Until Hatch Date. If the Age is the same as or more than the Days Until Hatch Date, a link under Tools will appear that says Hatch Egg. Click that link (if it`s there) and the system will take it from there in hatching the egg. Then you can go to Your Pokemon and see your new pokemon!

    7. What are the chances of breeding a shiny pokemon?
      If neither parent is shiny, the baby will never be a shiny. If both parents are a shiny, the chances of the baby being a shiny is 1 in 10. If only one parent is shiny, the chances of the baby being shiny is 1 in 50.

    8. If a pokemon I`m breeding has a different form (such as Unown), what form will the baby have?
      The form the baby will have will be the same as the parent. However, there are exceptions. If you have an Unown A breed with Unown G, the baby will be given a randomly chosen form between the two parents (in this case, it would be either A or G, it cannot be B or H for example). You cannot acquire a form that neither parent is.

    Advanced Pokemon

    1. What are IVs?
      IV stands for Individual Value. IVs are used in both Secret Trance Pokemon and in the real pokemon games. These are hidden numbers from 0 - 31 (31 being best value) that have effect on your pokemon`s stats. (Example, a pokemon with an IV of 30 for Attack will be stronger than a pokemon with an IV of 20 for Attack, even though they are the same pokemon at the same level.) The better the IVs, the better your pokemon will be. IVs cannot be changed once they are set with your pokemon (which is when they are captured from the wild or bought from Whisper). All starter pokemon begin with IV stats of 31 on all 6 areas.

    2. Can I raise my pokemon`s IVs?
      No, not even the real pokemon games allow this. If you want a Pikachu to have high IVs, for example, you must breed. Catching a wild pokemon with high IV stats is difficult and doesn`t have very many high chances. But if you have pokemon A that has IV stats of 15 and pokemon B has IV stats of 29, breed them together and you will have a pokemon that has IV stats somewhere in between the parents (it is random each time).

    3. How do I know which IVs are best?
      Very easy to tell. When looking at the IVs of your pokemon, see how close the numbers are to 31. 31 is the best IV while 0 is very bad IV.

    4. What are EVs?
      EV stands for Effort Value. They give an extra boost to a pokemon`s stat. For example, if your pokemon has speed of 60, IV speed of 20 and EV speed of 100, it will be faster than a pokemon who has speed of 60, IV speed of 20 and EV speed of 50. Basically it is another stat that creates a wider variable in what a pokemon`s final stat will be. Thus, it is just as important as IVs and could make all the difference in a battle.

    5. Does Secret Trance Pokemon use EVs?
      EVs are in the system for which pokemone give out what EVs and the amount. Your pokemon gathers EVs as you battle it.

    6. How can I affect my pokemon`s EVs?
      Training. Unlike IVs, EVs can actually change. However, EVs cap off at 255 (in both real Pokemon games and ST Pokemon). But to increase EVs, have your pokemon battle a wild pokemon that has the desired EV stats. View the pokedex to see which pokemon has the EV stats you are searching for. The real games have the EV points stop at 510 total for all EV stats, ST Pokemon does the same.

    7. What is Pokerus?
      Pokerus is a pokemon virus but it is a helpful virus. In the real pokemon games, the Pokerus doubles all of the infected pokemon`s EV points, which will increase your pokemon`s stats, making it stronger. In ST Pokemon, it fakes doubling the stats (which means instead of dividing the EV by 4, it divides by 2, which more or less makes your EV stats that are calculated are doubled than what they were before). Essentially, it is a helpful virus that you would want to get.

    8. How do I know if my pokemon has the Pokerus?
      Go to My Pokemon. Scrolling through your pokemon, you will see an image under the Date Caught. The image is pink and will say pkrs. If your pokemon does not have the virus, the image will not be there.

    9. How do I acquire the Pokerus?
      How you acquire the pokerus is different than how you get it in the real games. In ST Pokemon, it is handed out randomly by the staff. But do not ask the staff to get the pokerus! Beggars will not get the pokerus.

    10. Once one of my pokemon has the Pokerus, will it spread to my other pokemon?
      While in the real games, the pokerus is contagious, in ST Pokemon, it is not. The only way for your pokemon to catch the pokerus is by the method mentioned above.

    11. What are pokemon natures about?
      A pokemon`s nature will be a deciding factor in a lot of things. It will affect how well or poor certain stats will rise as the pokemon levels up. It also affects which flavour of berries the pokemon likes.

    12. How do I know how my pokemon`s stats are affected by it`s nature?
      Once you complete 10 quests, the Pokemon Nature will be added to your PokeGear. This is a chart which will tell you all the information on each pokemon nature.

    13. Can my pokemon`s nature be changed?
      No, once a nature has been assigned to your pokemon, it is stuck with it.

    14. How are natures assigned to pokemon?
      Randomly. You don`t know which nature a pokemon has until after you catch it or hatch it from an egg.

    Gym Battles and the Pokemon League

    1. What is the Pokemon League?
      The Pokemon League is the official group that organizes competitions for registered pokemon trainers. It serves as an umbrella that oversees the regional leagues. They also are responsible for creating or changing the rules of battles.

    2. What are regional leagues?
      Regional leagues are similar to the Pokemon League but are more centralized to regions, such as Kanto and Sinnoh. In order to participate in the league, a pokemon trainer must collect badges from pokemon gyms in that region that are sanctioned by the Pokemon League (ie, it must be an official gym).

    3. What is a pokemon gym?
      Pokemon gyms are a place for trainers to exercise their skills as a pokemon trainer against other trainers. The gyms usually have a leader, who is the best trainer of that gym. Typically gyms concentrate on a type of pokemon (such as electric or fire) where nearly all the trainers use pokemon of the gym`s dominant type. This allows new trainers to gain experience in battling pokemon of those types. Gym battles are much more difficult than wild pokemon battles, putting the trainer`s skills to the real test. There is only 1 official gym certified by the Pokemon League in a city with many cities having a gym. When the leader is defeated, the pokemon trainer will get a badge.

    4. What are the badges for?
      Gym badges are proof that a pokemon trainer has defeated the gym leader. With 8 badges collected, a pokemon trainer can participate in the Regional League. The League will allow only trainers who have all 8 badges. So they are a vital part of the pokemon trainer`s journey.

    5. Can I battle all of the gym leaders` pokemon in ST Pokemon?
      In the future, you will be able to rebattle gym leaders over and over. But until you complete enough quests to do so, ST Pokemon gym battles are little different from the games. A random selection of the pokemon the gym leader has will be made (ie, if you and a friend were to battle the same gym leader, you both may wound up battling different pokemon). They are one-on-one battles. Once this battle is over, you do not get to battle the other pokemon until you acquire enough quest levels to be able to rebattle gym leaders. Only then do you get to battle of their pokemon.

    Cell Phone

    1. What is the Cell Phone?
      A portable phone that you will use to communicate with NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) in ST Pokemon. This is also essential for completing quests.

    2. Why would I want to call Whisper?
      When you call Whisper on the cell phone, she will tell you what the next step is in completing quests. This is very essential for being able to move ahead in the game as completing quests will unlock new areas (which means more pokemon!) and make other features open for you to use.

    3. Why does Whisper continuously advise me to read the FAQ during a couple of early quests?
      Because this FAQ does include some very important information on how ST Pokemon operates that is vital for knowing (such as no Pokemon Centres), whether you are experienced at playing Pokemon or not. The reminders are there a few times to emphasize the importance of it after several people have had some issues with their gameplay because of not knowing these important points.

    4. How do I add Professor Oak to my contact list?
      When you complete a mission by Whisper and acquire quest level 2, Professor Oak automatically gets added to your contact list.

    5. Why would I want to call Professor Oak?
      Professor Oak will evaluate your pokedex, checking on how many pokemon you have captured and then give you feedback based on how well you are doing.

    6. I contacted Professor Oak through my cell phone to be evaluated and it says "Response pending..." What does this mean?
      It just means that I have not created a response for Professor Oak to make for the amount of pokemon you have captured.

    The PokeWalker

    1. What is the PokeWalker?
      Just like the real PokeWalker, the PokeWalker in ST Pokemon allows you to place one pokemon inside to gain experience and strengthen the bond between you and your pokemon.

    2. When can I access the PokeWalker?
      Once you acquire quest level 15, the PokeWalker becomes unlocked for you.

    3. Why are a few of my pokemon not appearing in the list when I want to add a pokemon into the PokeWalker?
      This is because that pokemon is currently on your team. Remove that pokemon from the team and then it can go into the PokeWalker.

    4. Why isn`t a pokemon appearing in the list when I`m trying to setup my team?
      This is because that pokemon is currently in the PokeWalker. Remove that pokemon from the PokeWalker and then it can be placed on your team.

    5. How much experience does my pokemon get from being in the PokeWalker?
      This is solely dependant upon what activities you do on ST Pokemon. The more things you do on ST Pokemon, the more experience your pokemon will get!

    6. What is the timeframe of the use of the PokeWalker?
      Totally up to you. The pokemon you place in the PokeWalker will remain in there until you take it back out.

    7. What things do you do that will give your pokemon in the PokeWalker points?
      Many things around the site. Here is a list:
      • Win a battle against a wild pokemon
      • Win a battle against a Gym Leader
      • Successfully capture a wild pokemon
      • Complete a quest
      • Someone gives one of your pokemon experience points through their profile

      Note: Refreshing pages or just plain ol` browsing the site does NOT earn your pokemon any points.

    8. How do I know how many points my pokemon got from the PokeWalker?
      Simple - go to the PokeWalker page (if you have a pokemon in there). Below your pokemon`s picture, it`ll show how many points it currently has earned from the PokeWalker.


    1. SOme of Whisper`s quests have catch a certain number of pokemon. Does it matter which ones they are?
      Nope, just so long as you have that number of pokemon in your possession. It doesn`t matter if they are all Pidgey or if they are all different kinds.

    2. How much pokedollars do you get for selling your pokemon to the Pokemon Trader?
      You only get 10 pokedollars for selling your pokemon to the Pokemon Trader.

    3. When can I use the Pokemon Trader?
      You must complete 5 quests in order to gain access to the Pokemon Trader.

    4. Where is the Pokemon Trader?
      Pokemon Trader will be found in the Kanto region Viridian City.

    5. Can you see how many battles you have won?
      Yes. You can check these numbers in your BackPack. The number of battles you were in counts both battles won and lost. Next to that is the number of battles you have won.

    6. How do you know how many of a pokemon species you have?
      If you want to see how many Pidgey you have in your possession, you can go to the Pokedex and look for the name of the pokemon. The left column has the pokemon number while the right column has a totally different number. This number is the count of how many of that particular pokemon you currently have. This is NOT for whether or not you have ever caught this pokemon. For example, if you catch only one Pidgey, the Pokedex will say you have 1 Pidgey. But then if you release the Pidgey, the Pokedex will show 0 again.

    7. What is the pokemon happiness all about?
      Pokemon happiness is the rating of how much your pokemon likes you. The raising and lowering of the happiness level depends on the battles the pokemon partakes in. If it wins a battle, it will gain 1 point in happiness. But if it looses a battle, it will loose 10 points in happiness. To check on the happiness level of your pokemon (as well as many other stats), go to My Pokemon and click on Your Pokemon to view it`s profile. It`s profile will show it`s happiness level among it`s other stats.

    8. What is a shiny pokemon?
      A shiny pokemon is very rare. It is a different colouration than what the pokemon is normally found in. A shiny pokemon does not affect the stats in any way, it is just a different colouration and that is all.

    9. Will my pokemon loose it`s shiny stat when it evolves?
      No, when your shiny pokemon evolves, it will remain shiny.

    10. Can I breed shiny pokemon?
      Yes. See breeding section for details.

    11. What are my chances of finding a shiny pokemon in the wild?
      The real game chances of this are 1 in 8191. We upped this a little to 4 in 8191. More often than the real thing but still very slim chances.

    12. Why would I want to use the Get Code codes to share my pokemon around to others?
      If you display your pokemon in your signiature or website, this will display your pokemon to other people. If they click on your pokemon`s image, they will be taken to your pokemon`s "profile" page. If they choose to, they can click the Send button. Doing this will give your pokemon a few experience points.

    13. How much experience points are given when someone clicks the Send button for my pokemon?
      Not very much due to that it is expected that clickings in this manner will be widely done and we don`t want pokemon to gain experience too quickly. The number range is 1 through 5, granted randomly.

    14. Will my pokemon level up when given these experience points through the Send button?
      Not without intervention of the pokemon`s trainer. The experience points do pile up but you, the trainer, will still have to send your pokemon through a battle (and win) in order to get the level up if your pokemon has enough experience points to do so.

    15. What is the PokeGear all about?
      Inspired by the games, PokeGear has several little things to be useful tools for the pokemon trainer. Some apps are from the games directly while others are ST Pokemon exclusive. You get new apps as you progress in your quests.

    16. Will ST Pokemon have fan created pokemon available?
      Possibly. For a while, I at first wasn`t going to take this route but recently I have been considering it. The answer is still "undecided", so I may choose to allow it or I may choose not to allow it. We will see.

    About Secret Trance Pokemon

    1. How often is Secret Trance Pokemon updated with new stuff?
      Whenever I have the time to. I currently have two jobs, and maintain multiple sites in addition to having a non-work and non-online life. So it could be a month before I update or I could update 5 times in a day. It`s varies.

    2. There are already some online Pokemon sites. Why was this one made?
      My favourite online Pokemon site was shut down a while back and it was the one I spent the most time on. The other online Pokemon sites were fun but they did not capture my attention as much and many of them had such severe lag that I lost patience with them. I thought I would give it a shot at creating a Pokemon online site as to not only replace the favourite that was shut down, but also allow myself my own little creative twist to Pokemon and to give me more self-taught programming practices. This is not meant to replace the real Pokemon games (or other pokemon online sites) but to be a "side tool" to compliment the games, for anyone who just want to play Pokemon online (and be lag-free!).

    3. Which Pokemon game is Secret Trance Pokemon most like?
      There is not one game that Secret Trance Pokemon is most like. I pick out elements from each game and combine them together into one.

    4. Why is the Secret Trance Pokemon currency not the Echos currency that the rest of the site uses?
      This is because it is Pokemon, a creation of another person/company. I would like to keep Pokemon intact as best as I can, which includes the currency.

    5. Will Secret Trance Pokemon have Pokemon Centres?
      At this time, I don`t know if Pokemon Centres will ever be added or not. But for now, Pokemon Centres are not available so battle and spend your PokeDollars wisely!

    6. Are type weaknesses/resistances implemented?
      Yes, I have them running pretty close to how the actual games have them set.

    7. How I get the legendary/event pokemon?
      First off, you must have the right number of quests completed. Once that is done, you participate in Secret Trance Pokemon Events to obtain these rare pokemon. Keep an eye on the news as that is where you will find out how to acquire a legendary/event pokemon.

    8. Are there any tips for playing Secret Trance Pokemon?
      forum thread has been created specifically for this. Click the link to view the tips (which may be updated frequently). Link will open a new window.


    1. Help! My starter pokemon fainted and I have no other pokemon that I can put in my team and the PokeMart does not have any Revive!
      If you are a beginner on Secret Trance Pokemon and the PokeMarts do not have any Revive available for you to buy, and you have no other pokemon on your team to do battles with, do not panic. A function was put in place to prevent "lock ups" like this. Go to You Pokemon Team under My Pokemon. Next to your starter pokemon where it says Fainted, there is a link labeled Revive. Whisper will revive the pokemon for you but only for beginners! Pokemon Centres are not available so battle and spend your PokeDollars wisely!

    2. I came across an error.
      Immediately report it to a site administrator or moderator. Be sure to describe in detail what the error is, where it is found and what was done to trigger it.

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