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    Secret Trance

    Secret Trance Pokemon
    Secret Trance Pokemon is a free online community to play in the pokemon world. No program downloading is needed to play. Just log in and begin playing! If you are not registered already, register with Secret Trance to create your account needed to play. Signing up is free and very quick.

    Secret Trance Pokemon, aka ST Pokemon, is in Beta mode, which means it`s unfinished and still being worked on (so some bugs may be present). If you come across any bugs or have any ideas for the game, you may use the Secret Trance Suggestion Form to inform us of your ideas and any errors you come across. You may also post in our Secret Trance Pokemon forum of your ideas or any problems you come across. Check the FAQ first before you ask any questions as your answer may already be answered there. Or if you prefer direct contact with the site administrator, drop a PM (through Secret Trance) to Beloved Doll.

    Pokemon News
    Sorry About the Wait
    on June 12, 2011 08:00:34 PM
    Message from Beloved Doll

    Sorry about the long wait for getting things done. My personal life has gotten way busy since I moved and it`s been hard to do anything on the computer with non-computer life so active. I definitely have not forgotten this place and definitely will be continuing doing updates when I can.

    Please bear with me.

    Coming Soon
    on March 20, 2011 08:27:35 PM
    Message from Beloved Doll

    Coming soon (in no particular order)...

    + Pokemon cries (yes, actual audio)
    + Animated Pokemon images from Black and White versions
    + Generation 5 pokemon
    + New attacks
    + New region with new locations
    + More maps done
    + More quests

    New Stuff
    on December 16, 2010 03:56:49 PM
    Message from Beloved Doll

    Did some more work with ST Pokemon today.

    More quests have been added where there are 18 quests. I started quest 19 but have not finished it as I`ve ran out of time to create the new functions needed to complete it.

    More maps have been added to the locations that are unlocked.

    4th Generation Done
    on December 11, 2010 05:20:01 PM
    Message from Beloved Doll

    I have entered the rest of the 4th Generation pokemon. Though technically I`m not 100% done with it. I have the different forms of these pokemon to add in (such as for Giratina, Shaymin and Arceus for example). Eventually I`ll have those done. But for now, all 4 of the generations of pokemon are done.

    Some time in the future, generation 5 will be added.

    New Pokemon
    on August 27, 2010 01:58:14 PM
    Message from Beloved Doll

    Several new pokemon from the Generation 4 games have been added to the system today. My goal is to get Generation 4 done before Generation 5 comes along.

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