My Little Dark Pony

My Little Dark Pony

My Little Dark Pony
Under Construction

The ponies are primping for their return to Secret Trance. Please wait while we set the stage for them.

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What is My Little Dark Pony?
My Little Dark Pony was a parady of the My Little Pony franchise started by Beloved Doll. It was originally out in mid-2005 but then in later-2006 it was taken down due to personal reasons. It was quietly put back on the internet but only in art and literature form in 2008. Now in 2012, an official subsite on Secret Trance is being developed to hopefully give it a permanent and more stable home.

I am accepting suggestions on what features and functions to have on this site. I`m also accepting suggestions for a design/layout for the site. Any suggestions or ideas that you have, you are free to drop me a line through private messaging through Secret Trance of through the MLPArena, both by the username of Beloved Doll. If you find e-mail easiest, you can e-mail the main Secret Trance e-mail.

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