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February 28, 2014 08:10:20 PM

This piece has a very striking style - love the pen and ink style against all of the red!

Are you excited for Secret Trance to get freshened up?
June 18, 2014 04:53:39 PM

Anyone going on vacation before summer hits?
February 28, 2014 08:08:46 PM

How was your Christmas?
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Beloved Doll:
June 22, 2011 09:43:45 PM

Another moderator on the team!

Beloved Doll:
February 5, 2011 06:02:23 AM

It was a catchy tune.

Shadey Kitty:
February 2, 2011 11:33:49 AM

I remember that :)

Beloved Doll:
January 25, 2011 05:21:45 PM

That makes me think of the "Happy Anniversary" song from The Flintstones.

Shadey Kitty:
January 25, 2011 09:51:13 AM

Happy Anniversary!

Beloved Doll:
January 22, 2011 10:09:20 PM

Valentine`s Day is approaching.

Sonic the Human by Beloved Doll
Beloved Doll

If this trance is not the artist`s original work or violates any of the policies, report it immediately. (See Tools below to report.)

I apologize for the duration of these updates lengthening out in between each one. I`m not thrilled over it slowing down either. I went on a walk last night which gave me several ideas (night walks are so inspiring for me) and when the idea was pitched to a few people, Cy-Fox and RaDaR125 gave some additional ideas which I`m hoping will be implemented into this episode. If not this episode, then definitely the next one.

Oh and btw, I made some more updates to a couple of episodes to have corrections made. I believe I got up to episode 10 on that.
Arriving back at Amy`s house, Shadow informs Amy that he has a task that he wants to complete and that he is sorry to cut their day together short. Sonic offers to Amy that he would spend the rest of the day with her but she declines with the reason that she hasn`t done her homework and she really needs to have it done for school tomorrow. Satisfied with that answer, Sonic dashes off to go pick up Tails from being babysat and Shadow leaves on his motorcycle.

Amy enters her home and goes up to her bedroom. She pulls out her winter coat from shopping at the mall and removes all the tags from it. Then Amy hangs it up in her closet. Starting tomorrow she will be able to wear the coat. She is excited about that. She just knows that she will look cute with it on.

She turns to her bed and approaches it with a smile on her face. She got to spend the afternoon with her two favourite guys in the whole world! As she plops herself down on the edge of her bed, she pauses. Two guys? She can`t have both. Only one guy can be hers. She turns to the side and pulls her backpack closer to her and pulls out her homework to start working on it. But she isn`t focused on the homework. Her mind runs over her thoughts of Sonic and Shadow.

Both of them have saved her from danger. Shadow has always tolerated her silliness and Sonic is only recently tolerating it. Shadow is older than Sonic and is usually more mature about things than Sonic. She has met both of them when she was really young. Sonic is willing to be a hero for everyone and fights to protect them from Eggman. Shadow usually reserves his heroism to those he is close to. Sonic usually runs away from her while Shadow...stays.

Amy lifts her head a little. Sure, Shadow is different from Sonic whom was her first crush but that is why she likes him. He tolerates her antics publically whereas Sonic will usually either run or act like he doesn`t like it. That by itself means a lot to Amy. Shadow also seems less conceited than Sonic though granted Sonic`s conceitedness isn`t all that obvious. If Amy had one word to describe each one..."Man" for Shadow and just "guy" for Sonic. Amy smiles and unconsciously scribbles a few words on the margin of her homework paper as she thinks about how she is going to choose Shadow instead of Sonic.

It`s well into the night when Amy finishes her homework. She stuffs everything into her backpack and stretches with a yawn. Maybe a quick drink and then she`ll go to bed. She stands up from her bed and goes downstairs for the kitchen. What drink to have? It`s too late to put out the effort for tea. Soda will keep her up for a bit longer. Ah, maybe just water. Simple. Caffeine free.

She enters her kitchen and pulls out a cup from the cupboard. She sets the cup on the counter and goes to the fridge. It takes her a quick moment to find the gallon of water she has in there and she pulls it out. With her cup of water set, she returns the water jug into the fridge and picks up the full cup. She leans back against the counter and takes a sip of the water.

After the first sip, there is a knock at her front door. Amy looks at her digital clock and sees that it`s almost 10pm. Rather late for any guests. But if she just explains the school situation to them, they should go right home. She walks over to the front door with her cup of water still in her hand.

Monday morning. The sun isn`t rising yet but it isn`t totally dark either. The sunlight times are getting shorter by the day.

As usual, Sonic is the first one among his circle of friends to arrive at the school. He goes straight for their usual morning table and sits down at it to wait for everyone else to arrive. He has just dropped Tails off at the elementary school so Tails is usually the first one to arrive at his school like Sonic. Sonic puts his elbow on the table and lays his head in his hand. His other hand boredly trails his finger on the table in random patterns. He`s thought about picking Amy up from her house and walking her to school this morning but something made him stop. He has never done so in the past and he is already doing things with her that he would never have done before. If he changes too much so suddenly, she will suspect his jealously and won`t take his intentions seriously.

Sonic shifts his eyes up and sees Knuckles approaching the table. Good. Having someone to talk to will get his mind off things and will help him relax. He can begin their conversation by questioning Knuckles on why he is so unusually early today.

Having similar thoughts as Sonic, Shadow is walking to Amy`s house so that he could walk her to school this morning, perhaps even on future mornings. he has a pink hedgehog plush in one arm. This is to replace the other one he wanted to give Amy on Saturday that got destroyed by Eggman`s robot. It has a pink ribbon tied around the throat with a card attached to it. He walks up the pathway to her front door and stops just before the door. From a distance, it looked like the door was closed. But now up close, the door is actually ajar a little. How strange...

Shadow lightly pushes the door open with his hand that is not occupying the job of carrying the pink hedgehog plush. He quietly says Amy`s name, expecting her to be in the living room and that she just had the door open to allow fresh air in. But she is absent in the room. Something else catches Shadow`s attention. Her coffee table is displaced and a large chunk of the corner has been smashed off. Shadow`s body tenses up at this discovery. He enters the house and begins his way to the kitchen, which is where the stairs are that lead to the upstairs. He notices a cup on the floor of the living room and a large wet spot by the cup. It`s contents must have spilled out. That`s not a normal thing for Amy to do.

Shadow now quickens his pace and heads up the stairs, calling for Amy. When he reaches her bedroom, his suspicion is confirmed. Someone has come and kidnapped Amy. Shadow tosses the pink hedgehog plush onto Amy`s bed and quickly leaves her house.

Sonic drums his fingertips on the cafeteria table. All of his other friends have arrived, he is just waiting for Amy now. Everyone is talking about random things to pass the time until the bell rings. Sonic`s thoughts turn to the chaos emerald that Vector found at Emerald Coast. Eggman is interested in having the chaos emeralds again, where would the other ones be? As much as Sonic wants to jump up and go find the emeralds, he knows that Eggman would need all seven to do whatever it is he is planning to do. They have one emerald, so that will buy them a lot of time.

Any minute Amy will arrive in the cafeteria. Sonic looks to the doorways of the cafeteria to watch for her to come in. A moment later, he sees Shadow entering the cafeteria, but no Amy. Strange. Normally she would be coming in with Shadow. Come to think of it, Shadow seems different as well. He`s looking around the cafeteria like he is looking for someone in a predatory fashion. No, it must be out of paranoia. He must have done something to Amy!

Sonic zips away from the table which catches the attention of everyone else. Everyone turns and sees Sonic dashing up to Shadow. On impulse, Sonic grabs Shadow by the collar of his jacket from the front,"Where`s Amy?! What have you done to her?!"

Shadow smacks Sonic off of him,"Nothing, Faker! Where`s Jet?"

"What?! Now you`re going to his side?!"

Shadow is loosing his patience with Sonic jumping to conclusions,"Jet has Amy!"

Silver speaks up from among the crowd of Sonic`s friends that have arrived on the scene,"How do you know that, Shadow?"

Shadow begins to growl a little. He really doesn`t want to waste time talking to this bunch,"I just do."

Shadow turns around and leaves the cafeteria. Silver looks at Sonic,"Do you think he`s right?"

Sonic watches Shadow leave the school,"Maybe...I don`t think Shadow would come here to just show up for 30 seconds. And now that he`s mentioned it, I haven`t seen any of the Babylonians show up."

Knuckles crosses his arms,"If they do have her, we should find her really fast."

Sonic nods,"Right. Big, I need you to collect our classwork for us and pick up the kids from the elementary school. The rest of you are coming with me."

Everyone in the Sonic crew that is present follows Sonic to leaving the school while Big remains behind to do as requested by Sonic.

Jet is going to pay for this.

Literature Details

Title: Episode Sixteen - Kidnapped!
Category: Prose->Fiction->FanFiction
Date: August 22, 2008 04:51:02 PM
From: Sonic the Human
Views: 911

Rating: 9.67 (3 votes)
Comments: 1

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# 36

Shadow Katt
Basic Trancer
July 5, 2009 01:47:01 PM


10 out of 10 right off the bat. This is the chapter/episode that finally gets the ball rolling with the action and violence. To add onto the list of firsts, violence is not something that is typically found in the Sonic universe, it's normally covered up by action and/or bits of comedy. However, based of everything that I've read so far, I have learned that these chapters/episodes are not meant to be cartoony in anyway, shape, or form, which makes everything seem a little more realistic.

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