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February 28, 2014 08:10:20 PM

This piece has a very striking style - love the pen and ink style against all of the red!

Are you excited for Secret Trance to get freshened up?
June 18, 2014 04:53:39 PM

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Beloved Doll:
June 22, 2011 09:43:45 PM

Another moderator on the team!

Beloved Doll:
February 5, 2011 06:02:23 AM

It was a catchy tune.

Shadey Kitty:
February 2, 2011 11:33:49 AM

I remember that :)

Beloved Doll:
January 25, 2011 05:21:45 PM

That makes me think of the "Happy Anniversary" song from The Flintstones.

Shadey Kitty:
January 25, 2011 09:51:13 AM

Happy Anniversary!

Beloved Doll:
January 22, 2011 10:09:20 PM

Valentine`s Day is approaching.

Genetically Enhanced Hedgehogs Version 3 by Beloved Doll
Beloved Doll

If this trance is not the artist`s original work or violates any of the policies, report it immediately. (See Tools below to report.)

A couple days more pass by. Sonic is running through the streets of Station Square. He isn`t running as fast as he can, it seems to be more of a casual jog for him, in which still leaves him as a blue blur to everyone he passes by. Weaving in between people, leaping over cars, avoiding poles and a happy smile on his face. It isn`t until he gets to the restaurant district that his running slows down. He trots to a backside of one of the restaurants and finds the back door.

The door is one that has the door separated into two halves; one on top and one on bottom. The bottom half of the door is closed but the top one is left wide open.

Sonic stops at this door and lifts a paw, giving the door a scratching. It`s light scratching so marks won`t be left on the door but it can still create noise. Within moments, one of the workers of this restaurant comes to the door. She looks left and right before finally looking down. A wide smile draws on her face as she sees Sonic looking back up to her,"Oh, Sonic, there you are!"

She opens the bottom piece of the door and steps out. The woman kneels down and pats Sonic on the head much like one would do with a dog,"I haven`t seen you in quite some time. Where have you been?"

As Sonic enjoys the attention, his blue tail lifts up. He lifts up a paw and then sets it back down on the ground. The girl giggles a little,"Haha, I know what you want. Wait right here and I`ll get it for you."

She turns around and goes back inside the restaurant. Sonic watches her actions from outside the building and sits his rear end down on the ground and licks his lips. His tail remains held straight up.

Poking around the corner nearby Sonic is Shadow. He stops in his tracks seeing his blue rival. His quills begin to stiffen but then he stops when the restaurant girl comes outside. He watches the two of them, ears forward and alert.

The girl bends over and sets down a plate in front of Sonic on the ground. The plate has a pile of chili dogs on it. Sonic excitedly looks down at the food as the girl sets it down for him and his rear lifts back up so that he is standing again. Once the plate is set down, the girl stands back up and smiles as Sonic shoves his nose into the food,"Heehee! There you go, Sonic. Enjoy! Don`t be a stranger."

She turns around and heads back inside the restaurant. Sonic is chowing down on the chili dogs and making a mess of himself in the process. His tail is still held high up as he excitedly eats his meal. Shadow blinks watching the sight before him almost unbelieving. His quills fully relax as he watches Sonic gorge on his meal and his ears move forward again. He takes a step forward and then stops, his eyes locked onto Sonic and the chili dogs.

Sonic lifts his head up, still chewing a mouthful of food. He turns his head to the side and catches sight of Shadow standing there. His ears prick up and he finishes the food in his mouth, swallowing it. The two hedgehogs have their eyes locked onto one another. It may have been a couple of days since they met but the encounter seems to have left lasting emotions on them both.

Within a flash, Shadow dashes in and shoves Sonic back. Then he quickly grabs the plate with the remaining chili dogs on it, using his mouth, and takes off running. Sonic stands there a moment, looking to where Shadow ran off to. He blinks and then runs off after Shadow.

Shadow arrives in a little area that`s tucked away and hidden by a building. A large garbage can has been tipped over on it`s side. Shadow goes to this garbage can and sets the plate down. Then he lowers his head down and uses his nose to nudge the plate forward. Sonic arrives to the area just in time to see this. He stays back upon seeing Shadow nudge the plate rather than eating the food. Sonic leans his head forward, even pricking his ears. His nose slightly wiggles.

Cautiously, the pink nose of Maria becomes visible. Her little nose moves a little as she takes in the scents near her. Her large, blue eyes look right up to Shadow, who sits down on the ground. Then her eyes shift down to the food that Shadow has brought her. She gives it an extra sniff and then starts to nibble on one of the chili dogs.

From his place, still watching, Sonic sits down and tilts his head to the side a little. His tail whips to one side and then becomes still.

Shadow leans his head down and joins Maria in the meal. When they have finished the food, Shadow kicks the empty plate aside with his rear foot. He enters the garbage but doesn`t go in too far. He lays down at the entrance to the garbage can. Once he`s settled down, Maria curls up against him. She moves slowly and only a little bit, keeping her head down.

Literature Details

Title: GE 7: Battle of the Chili Dogs
Category: Prose->Fiction->FanFiction
Date: February 25, 2010 09:25:26 PM
From: Genetically Enhanced Hedgehogs Version 3
Views: 477

Rating: 8 (1 votes)
Comments: 0

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