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This piece has a very striking style - love the pen and ink style against all of the red!

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Beloved Doll:
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It was a catchy tune.

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Happy Anniversary!

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Valentine`s Day is approaching.

Enduring Solace by Beloved Doll
Beloved Doll

If this trance is not the artist`s original work or violates any of the policies, report it immediately. (See Tools below to report.)

Once again, as a reminder, do not make any editing or corrections to this, do not point to me of any mistakes. I will not make corrections. I`m leaving this mostly as is of what it was when Tojo and I rped this out. We both have different rp styles so expect there to be some inconsistencies in things such as apostrophes and tenses.
He was a little dirty from his constant battles, having to hide here and there. Stumbling into the cave, he collapsed, holding out the burlap-sack towards Maria. "..H-here, Maria.." Panting, he dropped the metal pipe with a clatter; she could see it was dented and dinged.

Maria was sitting by the water in which she was cleaning her face off when Shadow came in. She whirls around when she hears Shadow and on seeing the state of him, she scrambles to her feet,"Shadow?!"

Since she ripped a few rings of her dress off to take care of Shadow earlier, the new length of her dress is obvious now, being mid-thigh. She rushes to his side and drops down to her knees beside him. She picks up Shadow, or at least what her minimal strength would allow her, which was just a bit of his upper body. She`s able to pick up just enough of him so she could hug him to her,"What happened to you?"

"...I think I..over-exerted myself.." Despite the rest, he did lose a lot of blood earlier.. and the realities were starting to set on him. He wasn't used to being "mortal." "..I got you somethings to't a real meal..but I managed to find you some things to eat.." He started to pull away from her, instead trying to offer himself as something to lean on. "..It's fine, I'm fine..I just got into a few fights, it isn't anything I haven't done before.."

Maria looks sadly at Shadow. She listens to his words before she finally speaks,"Shadow...You can`t keep doing this to yourself..."

"..I have to take care of you..I want to take care of you.." He spoke to her, looking towards the caves opening, then back to her. "..Here." Holding up the burlap bag, offering it to her.

Maria slowly takes the bag and looks at it a moment. Then she looks at Shadow but the concern for him in her eyes don`t leave,"All right, but...I want you to eat, too..."

A few bags of chips, pep-chocolate bars, cream cakes, a bottle of soda, and a bottle of water. "..Fine.." It was junk food, but it was all that he could find. He opened a cream cake and slowly nibbled at it, looking to the floor. "..."

Maria chooses one of the bags of chips after she sets the sack down on the ground. While she eats the chips from the bag, her look shifts between Shadow and the bag of chips but she says nothing.

"..I haven't been a very good guardian, ever since we touched down into this world.." He eventually broke the silence, finishing the cream cake. Shadow didn't pick up another package of food, just continued to stare at the rock floor.

"You protected me from Bean and Bark..."

"..They weren't a threat.. they were nothing. Small-time.. It was supposed to be a simple meet-and-greet..and for the past two days we've been on the edge of survival..I thought I could give you so much more, Maria..I'm sorry.." Bowing his head slightly, closing his eyes.

Maria turns her head to look at Shadow,"As far as I`m cared enough to try..."

He continued to have his head bowed to the floor, he spoke quietly. "..I had it all figured out..that if you were revived, I wouldn't let anything happen to you..ever.. I'd give you the best life possible..or try to." Slowly, he started to get up, lifting the metal pipe, he turned to the rock-wall opening, leaning against the side and looked out into the distance.

Maria closes up the sack as she speaks,"So you made a few mistakes...No one`s perfect, not even the Ultimate Life Form could go through his immortal life without making a mistake here and there. What the worst thing to do is, is give up. Right now, we`re in some world that has changed us drastically. If we could get out, you could be your normal, fast-paced, power-packing hedgehog self."

She looks up at Shadow.

"...This place has stripped me clean of that speed, and the I'm near worthless to help you.. But.." The metal pipe was slung over his shoulder, he just stared off with a blank look on his face, nodding slightly as Maria spoke to him. When she was done speaking, he just stood there for what felt like hours, before finally looking back to her and smiling, walking forwards a bit. "..You look good as a hedgehog..You are stunningly beautiful as you are in human form, but..a different kind of beauty, this is.." It was odd how he quickly changed the subject, almost as if his spirits were lifted; he suddenly held out his left hand, as if gesturing for her to stay there, then turned and began to walk towards the city.

Maria watches Shadow walk off, puzzled by his actions. What could he be thinking he was doing?

Shadow had a maddened idea; it was faint, but he could feel the energy source of the Master Emerald somewhere in New Babylon. Jet was busy entertaining his guests with small feats of illusions and parlor tricks, followed by a big-bang of fire-works. Meanwhile, while they were all distracted, he tried his best to navigate through the city, towards his mansion and penthouse suite. Without his powers, speed, or powerful senses, he had to rely purely on his intellect and wits. Disabling a few mechanical guards, he tried to make his presence as little-known as possible. He was sneaking towards the pent-house.

Literature Details

Title: Solace 15
Category: Prose->Fiction->FanFiction
Date: October 10, 2009 10:51:02 AM
From: Enduring Solace
Views: 626
Rating: 0 (0 votes)
Comments: 0

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