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Sonic X Japanese Script by Beloved Doll
Beloved Doll

If this trance is not the artist`s original work or violates any of the policies, report it immediately. (See Tools below to report.)

As a reminder, these translations are from fan subs that I have stumbled upon. I am not the one who translated the Sonic X episodes. I have merely typed out what they had in the fansubs with minimal tweaking with my less-than-theirs knowledge of Japanese. So these scripts are 99.999999% copied from the fan subs. I have just brought them to text format for reading as I have yet to find any documents on the internet on the Japanese scripts.

Unlike when I had the scripts of Sonic OVA/Sonic the Movie (which I`m not sure if I want to republish or not), this one will not be describing actions. This is script only. I leave out Cheese because his language is the language of the chao - there are no translations and there isn`t much point for me to include his lines.

Warning - Because this is the translations of the Japanese scripts, swears and other material that may not be suited for all audiences is used. Proceed at your own risk - I`m not here to babysit you or anyone else.

Final note - Because this is the translation of the Japanese script, you may come across some sentences or expressions that are "odd". This is because it`s the translation of the Japanese script, not a re-write.
Episode Three - Dr Eggman`s Ambition

Eggman - I believe I`ll take this city.

Decoe - Which one will it be?

Eggman - Which, which? Mmmm...Which one will it be? Here? Bingo! Definitely this one!

Knuckles - This is all because of Sonic.

Amy - It`s a misunderstanding, Knuckles. Eggman being in this place...

Knuckles - No! If it weren`t for Sonic`s nonsense, then we wouldn`t be here.

Amy - How can you just decide that?!

Knuckles - Because these things happen every time. Am I wrong?

Amy - The way you blame Sonic for everything is what I hate about you the most!

Knuckles - It`s fine if you hate me.

Amy - W-wait! You`d leave me in here?

Knuckles - Coming along with someone you hate?

Amy - Geez! He`s so stubborn! Wait a minute, Knuckles!

Woman - Yes!

Man - Here!

Woman - Aww, you hit it too hard.

Eggman - Go, E-23! Show me more of lord Dr Eggman`s power!

Tails - Heehee, it`s sparkling!

Chuck - Keep spraying and it`ll sparkle even more.

Cream - Is it delicious? I`m so glad.

Chris - Tails!

Tails - What?

Chris - Where`s Sonic?

Cream - Mr Sonic said he was going for a little walk.

Chris - I told him it would be hard to find him if he left the house...

Tails - Will it really be hard to find him?

Chris - I don`t know but...

Tails - In any case, do you need him to do something?

Chris - There`s big trouble! Now I`m serious!

Police - Stop! If you won`t stop then we`ll have to open fire! Fire!!

Eggman - No good, no good.

Police - We did it?

Eggman - Fools. Do you think those are strong enough? Who`s the one giving orders?

Police - It`s me...

Eggman - Well then, use him as an example.

Tails - Sonic...Where could he have gone?

Chris - Sonic! Sonic! Where are you? Answer if you`re here! Sonic!

Chuck - Seems he`s not around here, eh. Let`s look someplace else.

Chris - Yeah.

Amy - Say, could we take a little rest?

Knuckles - It`s all right if you don`t follow me.

Amy - But I`d worry more with Knuckles on his own. Say, do you think we can go back to the world we came from?

Knuckles - Don`t think we`re going back, we are going back.

Amy - Why is that?

Knuckles - That`s what I`m looking for. In any case, if I can`t go back, I won`t be able to go there. Because I...must protect it. Better to die then not be able to do my job. That`s why I don`t have time to linger around this place. What`s that?

Eggman - E-23, get on the rooftop.

E-23 - Roger.

Eggman - Like an observation window, eh?

E-23 - Going up.

Eggman - Well then, let`s start with my greeting. Everyone listen well to this! My name is Dr Eggman. The true form of genius. Right now I hope you all notice me via my Eggman Network. As of now this entire world belongs to Dr Eggman.

Tails - Dr Eggman.

Police - Is that robot yours?!

Eggman - That`s correct.

Police - Then hurry up and get your robot out of the way! It could hit a plane!

Eggman - Then hand over this city to me!

Police - Eh? What do you mean by that?

Eggman - This is what I mean. Hand over the city!

Police - I`m done here...Get the mayor...

Eggman - Then, your mayor will be me.

Tails - Chris, hurry up!

Chris - Sorry, sorry.

Chuck - Take care of Chris, Tails.

Tails - Leave it to me.

Chris - If Sonic returns, let us know.

Cream - Of course!

Tails - Then let`s go.

Eggman - Eh? So what`s your answer?

Mayor - Dr Eggman! We will not be ordered around by you!

Eggman - Wrong! How`s that? Have I changed your mind?

Mayor - That`s the decision of the leader, no, our president.

Eggman - E-23, be thorough!

Tails - Stop it, Eggman!

Eggman - Tails is here, so Sonic must be with him, too. E-23, take care of those obstacles!

E-23 - Roger.

Chris - Ahh! he`s got us in his sight!

Tails - All right! This time we`ve got him! Damn, the attack didn`t work!

Chris - Tails! Below!

Tails - Uwaa! We lost the propeller! But it`s ok!

Amy - Isn`t that Tails? Say, aren`t you going to help him?

Knuckles - It`s his concern, isn`t it?

Amy - Knuckles, you idiot!

Knuckles - Hey! Amy! Really...She always needs to be looked after. Amy! Wait up! Shit! Each and every time-!

Sonic - Eggman! That guy`s here, too? This should be interesting, I guess.

Knuckles - So that`s it? I`ll teach it a lesson. You`re slow, Amy.

Amy - You! Don`t you bully Tails!

Knuckles - Stop, Amy!

Amy - Ow...

Knuckles - Let Amy go!

Eggman - Wait, Knuckles. Or his hand will squeeze a little bit more.

Amy - Nooo! Ow!

Sonic - If I don`t hurry, I`ll miss all the fun!

Knuckles - You coward. Let Amy go!

Eggman - Coward? I`m only holding the girl to protect E-23. He`s not here! There`s still that hedgehog.

Tails - Sonic still hasn`t come...

Chris - It`s Sonic! Sonic is coming!

Eggman - What?

Chris - Sonic!

Sonic - Thank you!

Eggman - Come on! E-23!

Sonic - All right!

Eggman - Fire! All right! Above!

Sonic - Come on, come on!

Eggman - You bastard! You`re making fun of me!

Knuckles - Sonic! It`s about time you started to attack!

Sonic - Ok! See you!

Eggman - Fire! I did it!

Sonic - Time to take you out!

Chris - We did it!

Sonic - What`re you going to do?

Eggman - Y-you bastard, Sonic...Our battle isn`t over yet!

Amy - Sonic! I`m so glad to meet up with you!

Sonic - H-hey...

Amy - I really thought that I wouldn`t see you again!

Sonic - H-hey, that hurts...

Man - Raise your hands!

Knuckles - What do you want?

Man - Just do as we say!

Knuckles - You guys are pretty rude, aren`t you?

Man - What`re you doing?

Chris - Sonic! Catch this!

Sonic - Knuckles! hey!

Amy - Knuckles! Hurry!

Man - Fire!

Chris - Let`s go back to my house!

Tails - Cream and Cheese are waiting for us!

Amy - Eh, really? Everyone will be together again!

Knuckles - Sorry but I have my own things to do!

Amy - Knuckles!

Knuckles - Farewell!

Amy - Knuckles...Why?

Sonic - Because he`s got his own mission to fulfill.

Literature Details

Title: Episode Three
Category: Prose->Fiction->FanFiction
Date: July 18, 2009 04:31:52 PM
From: Sonic X Japanese Script
Views: 179

Rating: 10 (2 votes)
Comments: 0

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